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SLA vs XLA – Deliver a positive IT experience for your users

Service level agreements are a timeless business issue, especially when they are the sole measurement of success. Your IT system may technically work, but have you considered the user experience? In this webinar, we examine the issues caused by SLAs and why a positive UX is so important for staff and your bottom line.

UK supply chains: Demanding higher security standards in supplier contracts

More interconnected digital supply chains mean amplified cyber risks. But do supplier contracts always represent a business' risk posture? If not, where can government offer support? DCMS joined us and invited feedback on this area, while explaining how to demand the right level of security in your contracts.

The CISO’s dilemma – How to choose the right provider and solution

Although their budgets may be increasing, CISOs are often stuck between the organisational pressures to do ‘something’ to improve resilience, and the pressurised sales tactics of service and solutions providers. So how can we choose the best provider for our needs? We explore how to choose the right provider for you and your organisation, in an efficient way.

The importance of courtesy in the art of business

Whether we are colleagues, employer and employee, or customer and supplier, we must all work together in some way. So, as a special plea, can we all try to be nice? Our panel discuss the impact of courtesy (or the lack of it) on their work.

Worried you will be breached? Stop fighting the symptoms and start treating the cause

Even when equipped with the best technology and people, attacks can often go undetected because security teams are too busy treating the symptoms of a breach instead of the root causes. Join us to learn why excessive network access is the true cause of many breaches, and how the least privilege principle can be scaled to protect any resource.

The SASIG Supporters Showcase

The best relationship between vendor and customer is one of trust. Our valued band of Supporters are carefully selected organisations that understand SASIG’s purpose and are respectful of our ethics. Join us for a showcase of technologies and products from our innovative Supporter organisations.

What makes CISOs buy and what turns them off?

Buyer fatigue is widespread and sales techniques can be intrusive and counter-productive. But products and services are vital to the CISO's security strategy, and vendors an essential element of the solution. The best relationship between vendor and customer is one of trust built over time. We discuss what makes a CISO buy, how CISOs prioritise their wish-lists and what makes them buy.

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